First CERN-Fermilab Hadron Collider Physics Summer School, August 9-18, 2006

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School Photographs :

Selected Photos from VMS archive:

Below are a small selection of photographs taken during the School, including one of the group photos. You can find all of the 227 available online at the Fermilab Visual Media Services web site, via their search page (or directly from here). To get high resolution images for the selected photos given below, just note the photo number at the end of the link (format xx-xxxx-xx, e.g. 06-0229-06 for the first photo), and search for this image number in the VMS search page.

At the end of this page are links to photographs taken during the School by other people. We are providing the links for your convenience. Please read our disclaimer for these links. Fermilab is not responsible for the contents of any offsite pages referenced.




LPC Reception:

Group Photo:

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Streaming Video and Co-Directors:

Socials (Reception, Steak Fry, BBQ, more Breaks):


Other Photos:

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