August 6 - 17, 2012

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

HCPSS 2012 Program


Mission Statement

A new era in the exploration of the smallest scales has begun. To realize the full potential of these developments, CERN and Fermilab are jointly offering a series of "Hadron Collider Physics Summer Schools", to prepare young post docs and advanced graduate students for these exciting times in hadron collider physics.

Description of Program

The program begins at 9am every day and ends at 6pm (with a few exceptions for dinner, receptions, etc.) Students will have approximately 4 lectures a day. each 1hour and 15 minutes long, usually followed by discussion groups to ask in depth questions based on the lectures they hear earlier that day. On certain days there will be a special Colloquium, open to the entire laboratory.


  • Electroweak Interactions and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking - Sally Dawson (BNL)
  • Heavy Ions – Sevil Salur (Rutgers University)
  • BSM Physics (including SUSY) – Liantao Wang (University of Chicago)
  • Tracking and Muon Detectors – Andrey Korytov (University of Florida)
  • Statistics – Tom Junk (Fermilab)
  • QCD (including PDFs) – Frank Petriello (Northwestern)
  • Generators – John Campbell (Fermilab)
  • Top Quark – Christian Schwanenberger (University of Manchester)
  • Hadron Accelerators – Mike Syphers (Michigan State)
  • Trigger/DAQ and Data Processing – Wesley Smith (University of Madison)
  • Particles Identification - Rick Cavanaugh (University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • Heavy Quarks (except Top) – Manfred Paulini (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Astrophysics Connection to Colliders Physics – Roni Harnik (Fermilab)
  • Calorimetry – Jimmy Proudfoot (Argonne)
  • Examples of Specific Analyses:
    • W mass – Ashutosh Kotwal (Duke University)
    • Higgs to Gamma-Gamma searches - Tom LeCompte (Argonne)
  • Hadron Colliders Physics; Looking Ahead - Dan Green (Fermilab)

Event News


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  • School Dates are August 6 - 17, 2012
  • Confirm Participation by May 9, 2012.
  • Application deadline is March 25, 2012


  • Hadron Collider Physics Summer School
  • August 6 - 17, 2012
  • Poster
  • The 2012 HCPSS, hosted by Fermilab in Batavia, IL, USA, is the seventh in a series of schools hosted jointly by CERN and Fermilab to prepare young researchers for the current exciting era of exploration of the smallest scales using Hadron Colliders.
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