August 6 - 17, 2012

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Tours of Fermilab


About Tours

Tours of 6 areas on site will be available to the students Saturday afternoon, August, 11, 2012. Students can pick two (2) locations to visit, (One at 3:30 pm and one at 5pm). Spots are limited. Closed-toed shoes must be worn in all Facilities.


CDF is a colliding beam detector located in the Tevatron. Check out the tracking wire chamber and other detector subcomponents as well as the control room.

Coordinated by Dee Hahn.

DZERO is one of two detectors at Fermilab where the proton/anti-proton collisions are analyzed in exquisite detail.

Coordinated by Dmitri Denisov.

Muon Rings

Formerly known as the Pbar-rings, this was the heart of anti-proton production during the collider era. It is now being converted to Muon storage area for up-coming experiments like Muon g-2 and Mu2e.

Coordinated by Jerry Annala.

Magnet Factory

Learn how magnets are fabricated and tested in the Technical Division. In the Industrial Building Center, magnets and SRF cavities are inspected, assembled, and cryogenically tested. The tour will visit each of these areas.

Coordinated by Dave Harding.


Check out the latest advances in super conducting RF cavities that will be used to construct the next generation of linear accelerators! 

Coordinated by Kermit Carlson.

Control Rooms

Accelerator Source and Main Control Room

This tour describes how hydrogen atoms from a tank are eventually accelerated to 99.999% of the speed of light, and eventually sent to the experiments for use. Highlights the Linac and Cockroft-Walton accelerators, and the operators who control the beam.

Remote Operations Center

The CMS detector is monitored from over four thousand miles away, right here at Fermilab. Learn what it takes to monitor things remotely, and about the LHC and CMS.

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  • School Dates are August 6 - 17, 2012
  • Confirm Participation by May 9, 2012.
  • Application deadline is March 25, 2012


  • Hadron Collider Physics Summer School
  • August 6 - 17, 2012
  • Poster
  • The 2012 HCPSS, hosted by Fermilab in Batavia, IL, USA, is the seventh in a series of schools hosted jointly by CERN and Fermilab to prepare young researchers for the current exciting era of exploration of the smallest scales using Hadron Colliders.
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