Third CERN-Fermilab Hadron Collider Physics Summer School, August 12-22, 2008

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Lecture Program:

Academic Program

(version of February 13th, 2008)

  • The Standard Model confronts the LHC - Guido Altarelli, Universita' di Roma Tre and CERN
    Overview of the SM of particle physics at the start of the LHC, Precision Electroweak Measurements,
    Status of QCD (perturbative and non perturbative). Top quark physics. Limits of the SM. Avenues for new physics.
  • Quantum Chromodynamics - Giulia Zanderighi, Oxford University
    QCD theory and parton model, Parton Density Functions,
    Parton level event generators, Hadronization and decay,
    Resummation; Underlying event and beam remnants
  • Heavy Flavor Physics - Matthias Neubert, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz
  • Precision measurements and Standard Model tests using heavy-quark decays;
    Searches for New Physics in rare FCNC processes; B physics at the LHC
  • Higgs Boson Theory and Phenomenology - Howard Haber, University of California, Santa Cruz
    Standard Model and Beyond

  • Beyond the Standard Model:
  • Supersymmetry - Steve Martin, NIU
    Theory and phenomenology
  • Extra Dimensions - Eduardo Ponton, Columbia University
    Theory and phenomenology
  • Strong Dynamics - R. Shekhar Chivukula, MSU
    Theory and phenomenology

  • Experimental Techniques:
  • Trigger and DAQ - Wesley Smith, University of Wisconsin
    Trigger strategy, hardware, commissioning, calibration, alignment, simulation
  • Calorimetry - Ursula Bassler, Irfu/SPP CEA-Saclay
    Hardware, commissioning, calibration, alignment, object reconstruction, object ID, simulation
  • Tracking - David Stuart, UCSB
    Hardware, commissioning, calibration, alignment, object reconstruction, object ID, simulation
  • Muons - Darien Wood, Northeastern University
    Hardware, commissioning, calibration, alignment, object reconstruction, object ID, simulation

  • Data Analysis - Beate Heinemann, University of California, Berkeley and LBNL
    From triggers to analysis, background selections,
    different methods for searches vs. measurement,
    examples and cautionary tales, template methods, selecting analysis topics,
    Monte Carlo validation, systematics
  • Statistics and Systematics - Ricardo Piegaia, University of Buenos Aires
    Theory, methods, and examples
  • Physics with Accelerators - Mike Syphers, Fermilab
    Concepts of optics, emittance, magnets, RF systems, luminosity
    Linear vs. circular machines, hadrons vs. electrons, fixed target vs. colliders
  • The Large Hadron Collider - Mike Lamont, CERN
    overview of CERN accelerator complex, LHC construction, commissioning status and schedule
    LHC subsystems - cryo, electrical, collimators, abort system (machine protection)
    Shot-setup and HEP stores for LHC experiments, LHC upgrade scenarios
  • Computing Model for the LHC - Patty McBride, Fermilab
    Data model and analysis model, Data reconstruction, and simulation and data sets

  • Special Topics:
  • Road to discovery - LHC commissioning and Early Physics - Roberto Tenchini, University of Pisa
  • Connections between HEP and Cosmology - Rocky Kolb, University of Chicago
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